Lunch with Kalle and Tanner


School was closed today! Snowed out again. Grandpa and Grandma were supposed to have lunch at school with Kalle, but of course no school, no lunch. So instead we took Kalle and Tanner to lunch. They chose Chinese food and it was delicious. It was fun to spend time with them for awhile. Kalle was very interested in what Grandpa and I did with our days. And of course Grandpa filled her head with nonsense such as how he cleaned house every day and washed dishes and made beds and cleaned bathrooms and did the washing. He then topped it off with how Grandma was the boss and he only did as he was told! Right now he is sound asleep in the chair and I don't remember telling him he could take a nap today!!
I have just taken on a task that I am not sure I can handle. I have been asked to lead a choir on Memorial Day in honor of those who have fallen for our country. What was I thinking? I spent the whole night worrying about how to even get started. When I did sleep, I was dreaming about practices with only ten people there. If I'm like this before I even get started what kind of a mess will I be by the time it is finished? What have I done!
Tomorrow we are going to Salt Lake for a special appointment. By Friday evening we can fill you in on the details. Life is full of surprises, but some are much better than others. Our lives will be made richer with this one and I can't wait to share it with each of you!
What a great day this has been, spending time with grandkids, and receiving a dozen roses from my sweetheart (who does all the cleaning) on valentines day!
Happy Valentines day to you all.
PS The sun is out and the wind has died down!


Jonna said...

Mom you are sooooooo funny! You should write a book as well. I betcha that the LUnch that Kalle and Tan had with you, was much better than the cafeteria would have been...yuk!
I am anxiously awaiting the news....Let us know soon!
Good luck tomorrow....Love you both, and I really do appreciate your blog! Happy Valentines.
Love, Jonna

Brandi said...

How fun... man I haven't seen Kalle and Tanner for so long!

I am very anxious for the news... my thought are running wild with ideas of what it could be!

How sweet of Grandpa... for the dozen roses, and doing all the housework! What a sweetheart! He always did have a sence of humor! Miss you, Love Ya Bunches! Don't keep us waiting too long!

The Carter Life said...

Grandma...When are you going to come take me out for lunch? You never did that for me when I had a snow day! How Rude! HaHa. So a dozen sweet of Grandpa! I heard the Great News. That's so exciting. I'm so jealous. I wanted Grandpa to marry me! I guess I should have waited awhile! Tell him congrats. That's so awesome! Luv Ya Tons.

Brittany said...

I remember when you used to direct the Christmas Cantata's (I don't know how to spell that!) and I really thought that your choirs were every bit as good as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! I am being honest! I am sure that this new adventure will be every single bit as fantastic!