Spending time with all of you


Today has been a spiritual day all by myself. Grandpa left to help Danny in the hayfield so I have been preparing my lesson for Relief Society. Prayer really is the soul's sincere desire! I really poured my heart out to the Lord to help me know what I was to glean from this lesson and then give to the sisters in our ward. I have been able to talk out loud to myself, cry out loud, ponder out loud and pray out loud. My season of life has its blessings. All this talking out loud stuff is ok when you are my age!
I have been on this blooming computer all day long and my eyes have stopped working. But I have been in touch will all of you as I have read your blogs. That is going to have to do however for this day because I'm just plain tired. Besides that, I have forgotten how to comment.!
Just know that I love each and every one of you and that maybe in time I will be ever so creative and write something worth reading.
Love, Mom, Grandma and Aunt Connie

My New Goal!


I am de-junking! I started today. I threw things away that have been under my sink in the bathroom that I didn't even know was under there. I put it in the garbage sack, walked right to the can outside and threw it in. I never looked back (well once, and I took out a basket that was too cute to throw away) and walked back into the house. I promised myself that I would clean out one drawer or cupboard each day that I am home and throw things away no matter what. Unless I run into a basket that is too cute to throw away!!
The next time anyone comes to my home there will be empty cupboards, drawers, and closets. You will be able to move in with us because there will be so much room. The reason for that is I am de-junking! When my husband finds out what I am doing he will go into panic mode because he will of course think that I will want to replace everything that I am throwing away.
Now, I have tried this de-junking before and have found that the first few cupboards, drawers, and closets that I clean, I throw away almost everything that is 10 or 15 years old. I am so very proud of myself. As time marches on I seem to find it harder and harder to throw things away. Why is that I ask myself. Self-- why do you do that? And I answer myself. Self --That is just too cute to throw away. Self-- you may loose enough weight to get back into that cute dress. Self--what if you decide to change the color in that room, why, that would really look cute.
This however is the year that I am going to be strong, I am de-junking. I have decided I will just eat more and that way I can throw away that cute dress! I will choose a color for the room that that thing will not go with. I am so strong at this point that I may even go throw that basket away that I took back out of the garbage can this morning.
Why am I kidding myself. If I throw away or just give away half of what I take out of my drawers, cupboards and closets I will have accomplished something. Right??
Well that is my goal for the next few months. And I say to myself, Self--You can do this. I know you can. You are strong. You are motivated. You must, because there ain't no more room in those drawers, cupboards and closets!!
Now, I have another goal too. I am going to try this blogging again. I said to myself, Self-- you can do this. I know you can, You are strong. You are motivated. You must, because your blog is going to go away if you don't use it and I haven't the foggy-ist idea how to get it to come back.
Wouldn't it be just geat if the stuff in my drawers, cupboards and closets would just go away because I wasn't using it and I had no idea how to get it back??



Mom I thought you needed a little "spring in your blog!"
Waiting for your next post.

Always a Lesson to be Learned Over and Over!


What joy filled our hearts when we received a call from the Ogden Temple President! He extended a call to Jon to be set apart as a Sealer. We traveled to Salt Lake on Friday, February 15th, 2008. Elder Richard G. Scott pronounced a beautiful blessing upon Jon and then set him apart. Many promises were given to him if he would remain faithful and humble in this new calling. We felt very humbled to be in Elder Scott's presence. His office had the same feel as is felt in the temple. Calm and peaceful. Our stay their was really very short and yet so much was said in that few minutes that it seemed to be much longer. We also had the priviledge to say "good morning" to President Monson as he hurried by us on his way to a meeting. He smiled, nodded his head and said, "I'm late for a meeting, meetings, meetings, meetings." Somehow even that short encounter seemed longer than it was. We left the church administration building and we were at a loss for words. Such an experience it had been and it was as though we needed to remain silent so as to let it sink in.
Jon has not slept much since this all happened, and neither have I. He has so many unanswered questions on his mind as to how this came about. Today, Wednesday, February 20, 2008 he has traveled to Ogden to meet with the Temple President, President Watts. I am anxious for his return so as to find out the answers to those many questions.
Now as to that lesson that I learned! Experiences that are sacred are just that-------sacred.
It is great to share with some people who are very close to you, but if that few become more then a few, something gets lost. While you are trying to express your feelings, to some it can come across as bragging (for lack of another word). Therefore that very precious, very sacred experience loses something. I knew that, I know that, and I know that I knew that, but knowing that didn't stop me!! And I came across bragging about my husband and this great calling he had received. I wanted so badly for others to experience my joy, that in so doing a little part of the sacredness went away. Listen carefully you who I cherish and love out there. Learn from this. When you have one of those incredible sacred experiences, share it with just a very few and then write it in your journal and then----------keep it next to your own heart.
Love to you all
Mom, Grandma, Aunt Connie

Lunch with Kalle and Tanner


School was closed today! Snowed out again. Grandpa and Grandma were supposed to have lunch at school with Kalle, but of course no school, no lunch. So instead we took Kalle and Tanner to lunch. They chose Chinese food and it was delicious. It was fun to spend time with them for awhile. Kalle was very interested in what Grandpa and I did with our days. And of course Grandpa filled her head with nonsense such as how he cleaned house every day and washed dishes and made beds and cleaned bathrooms and did the washing. He then topped it off with how Grandma was the boss and he only did as he was told! Right now he is sound asleep in the chair and I don't remember telling him he could take a nap today!!
I have just taken on a task that I am not sure I can handle. I have been asked to lead a choir on Memorial Day in honor of those who have fallen for our country. What was I thinking? I spent the whole night worrying about how to even get started. When I did sleep, I was dreaming about practices with only ten people there. If I'm like this before I even get started what kind of a mess will I be by the time it is finished? What have I done!
Tomorrow we are going to Salt Lake for a special appointment. By Friday evening we can fill you in on the details. Life is full of surprises, but some are much better than others. Our lives will be made richer with this one and I can't wait to share it with each of you!
What a great day this has been, spending time with grandkids, and receiving a dozen roses from my sweetheart (who does all the cleaning) on valentines day!
Happy Valentines day to you all.
PS The sun is out and the wind has died down!

This is all you get!!


I have been sitting on this chair for an hour now trying to do what all of you do in five minutes!! I have not posted any pictures, added any music, written a poem or a novel, created a kit or finished this new post.............yet! I have tried to leave a comment to each of you and was successful except for Brandi. This darn computer would not let me accomplish my mission for today. So Brandi if you want to read what I commented to you, you will have to go to Chantri's blog.
I am now worn out from blogging, grandpa is wondering if I left him for this new adventure in my life, and I am reading the best book right now and have to go finish at least one more chapter. Tomorrow I will be wise and fresh and more alert I am sure. Tomorrow I will venture out and post something that is exciting, and worth while. I am planning to clean out some closets! That ought to be worth telling you all about don't you think! Can you tell I have been snowed in too long? I plan on leaving the house for sure tomorrow.
I tried to remove some of the thoughts I had posted from instructions I had been given but that didn't work either. However I was able to change my thought for the day and it is worth reading cause I didn't write it!! Tomorrow has got to be a better blogging day don't you think?
This is the laughter part of my sentimental journey. I'm even laughing!

"I looked out the window and what did I see"


It wasn't popcorn popping on the apricot tree! It has been a blizzard most of the day. We have mountains of snow in our backyard. It is beautiful to look at but not to go out into. We will be serving in the temple the next four days, if the roads are opened up by tomorrow morning.

Like the rest of you, I have been mourning the loss of one of my dearest friends, President Hinckley. I have smiled and cried off and on all day as the tributes of his life have been shared on the television. I knew that he couldn't stay on this earth forever, but then again he just had too. Hopefully we will pay tribute to him by living our lives like he would have us do.

Today has been one of those "stay in the house all day long" days. I have shared another day with the man who is by my side in so many different ways. He is their when I first open my eyes in the morning and usually the first words from his mouth is "I love you." He is next to me as we partake of our meals and never thinks of himself first. He always asks "are you doing ok?. When we retire to bed he looks into my eyes and says, "you know I do don't you." And I answer, "yes and I do too."
As I watched over and over the clip where Presiden Hinckley reaches over and takes Sister Hinckley's hand, I realize too that I have that same sweet blessing in my life. I can't begin to tell you how many times my sweetheart has reached for my hand during the day. It makes me want to continue taking care of what we have had these last fifty years together.

I just took another "sentimental journey." It was fun, I liked it!!

Mom, Grandma, Aunt Connie etc.......