My New Goal!


I am de-junking! I started today. I threw things away that have been under my sink in the bathroom that I didn't even know was under there. I put it in the garbage sack, walked right to the can outside and threw it in. I never looked back (well once, and I took out a basket that was too cute to throw away) and walked back into the house. I promised myself that I would clean out one drawer or cupboard each day that I am home and throw things away no matter what. Unless I run into a basket that is too cute to throw away!!
The next time anyone comes to my home there will be empty cupboards, drawers, and closets. You will be able to move in with us because there will be so much room. The reason for that is I am de-junking! When my husband finds out what I am doing he will go into panic mode because he will of course think that I will want to replace everything that I am throwing away.
Now, I have tried this de-junking before and have found that the first few cupboards, drawers, and closets that I clean, I throw away almost everything that is 10 or 15 years old. I am so very proud of myself. As time marches on I seem to find it harder and harder to throw things away. Why is that I ask myself. Self-- why do you do that? And I answer myself. Self --That is just too cute to throw away. Self-- you may loose enough weight to get back into that cute dress. Self--what if you decide to change the color in that room, why, that would really look cute.
This however is the year that I am going to be strong, I am de-junking. I have decided I will just eat more and that way I can throw away that cute dress! I will choose a color for the room that that thing will not go with. I am so strong at this point that I may even go throw that basket away that I took back out of the garbage can this morning.
Why am I kidding myself. If I throw away or just give away half of what I take out of my drawers, cupboards and closets I will have accomplished something. Right??
Well that is my goal for the next few months. And I say to myself, Self--You can do this. I know you can. You are strong. You are motivated. You must, because there ain't no more room in those drawers, cupboards and closets!!
Now, I have another goal too. I am going to try this blogging again. I said to myself, Self-- you can do this. I know you can, You are strong. You are motivated. You must, because your blog is going to go away if you don't use it and I haven't the foggy-ist idea how to get it to come back.
Wouldn't it be just geat if the stuff in my drawers, cupboards and closets would just go away because I wasn't using it and I had no idea how to get it back??


Chantri said...

Ahhhh Grandma! I am so glad you are back! :) De-junking...ah really stinks, but the end result is fabulous! :) So stay strong. (although I loved looking through the drawers in the bedroom dressers to find old things of Heidi's and Jamie's when I was younger! pottery things they made in highschool and old cheer/dance pins and badges!) Anyways make blogging your priority goal!!! :) Love you tons.

Jonna said...

WoWza.....I almost didn't click on your name this morning! I would have missed out. I almost fell flat on my face MOM!!!
I'm also in a throw-away-mood. I just wish the DI wasn't so far from my house, I also ran out of large garbage bags...which really stinks, cuz now I have to stop. Thanks for the new are awesome. See Dad....don't you wish I could leave you a comment too???

Brandi said...

Oh grandma you are so cute! I tell myself...self-why do you have the greatest family in the world? Because Heavenly Father loves me so much!

I agree with Chant, it was always so much fun to look through the drawers! I am glad that you are being strong. You make me laugh about the basket that was just too cute! I do that all the time, but if I am in the store, I do just the opposite. I will have a cart full of stuff, and walk out with nothing!

Brian and Danielle said...

Gram! Your back! YIPPEE!!! so glad to see a new post! You make me laugh so hard! That was the best way to start out my morning at a 12 hour day at work! Love you so much! De-junking...Maybe I should make that goal....who am I kidding..that spare room in our apartment will probably remain totally junked!!