Spending time with all of you


Today has been a spiritual day all by myself. Grandpa left to help Danny in the hayfield so I have been preparing my lesson for Relief Society. Prayer really is the soul's sincere desire! I really poured my heart out to the Lord to help me know what I was to glean from this lesson and then give to the sisters in our ward. I have been able to talk out loud to myself, cry out loud, ponder out loud and pray out loud. My season of life has its blessings. All this talking out loud stuff is ok when you are my age!
I have been on this blooming computer all day long and my eyes have stopped working. But I have been in touch will all of you as I have read your blogs. That is going to have to do however for this day because I'm just plain tired. Besides that, I have forgotten how to comment.!
Just know that I love each and every one of you and that maybe in time I will be ever so creative and write something worth reading.
Love, Mom, Grandma and Aunt Connie


Chantri said...

Everything you write is WORTH reading! I love you so much.

But...I'm in for it-I already talk out load (to myself!)

Jonna said...

I also mutter to myself daily! Maybe that's why Kenny & I get along so well. I get all my murmuring out before he comes home. Good luck with the lesson MOM.....I don't doubt for one minute it will be great!

Brian and Danielle said...

Grams!! I love your posts! they brighten my day!