A Closet Journey


Jamie called last night all upset. She had lost her wedding rings! But the good news...............she found them this morning. What a difference a day makes in our lives. However Abbie had come to her rescue yesterday.!Watching the tears flow from her mother's eyes, she ran to her jewelry box and found a cherry ring to give to her mom. A moment to remember for always.........

Which gave me a moment to reflect back when I too lost my ring.

As I always removed my rings when putting lotion on my hands (which was a dozen times a day) the phone rang and I ran to answer it. When returning to the bathroom to put my rings back on, they were no where to be found. Having a toddler in the house at that time, I immediately went looking for her. Needless to say she no longer had them in her possession. I looked everywhere and the tears flowed heavily for days and days.
One week later, while vacuuming my bedroom closet, I heard something "clunk" into my vacuum bag. I knew immediately what it was. In my mind, I could see my little girl sitting on the floor of the closet putting my rings on her chubby little finger. When I called out her name, she dropped them and came running! I quickly poured the contents of the bag onto some newspapers and felt through all the dirt I had collected the last week. There it was, a little dirty, but still -there it was!

Now you must know, when we moved into this home we had built ourselves, the closet doors were not hung. They were in the basement of the house and every day I longed to have them installed. I'm not sure if any of you out there realize how clean and organized your closets throughout your home have to be when there is not a door on them! Each week as I did my heavy cleaning, my closets were cleaned from top to bottom. They were always on display! I'm sure you know where this story is going. Had those doors been installed when we moved into our home, it could have been a year before I had found my rings!

As I was reaching for some clothes out of my closet this morning, I thought about leaving the door open for awhile, well at least until it motivated me to clean the closet! But then I remembered I had just found something to go in a vase I had in the corner of the bathroom. If the door remained open you wouldn't be able to see it, so I guess I'll wait a week or two!

The thought came to me that as a member of the church, I am like my closets on "Sage Street" , I am always on display! Are my thoughts and actions as clean and organized as my closets were? Boy I think I will remove those doors after all. Maybe it will be a reminder for me each day! Now where did I put that screwdriver!

Have a great day,
Mom, Grandma, Aunt Connie


Jonna said...

Oh Gosh.....I hope my life is not a mirror image of my closets, or I'm in big, big trouble! Everyday, I tell myself that I will get my bedroom closet cleaned out. Everyday I postpone it! I also remember you losing your rings. That was a very bad day, indeed. I remember a sad day also, when I washed my diamond down the salon sink. It was never to be found. "If you cry long enough....you get a new ring!" Kenny didn't find that comment as funny as I did! Thanks again Mom, for your blogging. It brings back memories, that I would have probably never thought about, if not for your blog. I'm waiting patiently for Dad's next post. I also made a new post today....it's long, but it is also very true.
Love you, Jonna

Jonna said...

Oh...and by the way...I love your thoughts for the day!

Brandi said...

Thanks Grandma! I like mom am in very very big trouble if my life is a reflection of my closets, althought I did clean some of them about 2 weeks ago! I donated about 5 bags of clothes that I had been hopefully hording for years. Some clothes from High School almost 10 years ago! Can you believe it has been ten years sence you come to Idaho for my highschool graduation. Wow! Thanks so much for the stories and thoughts! Love it, and love you!

Danielle said...

boy oh boy!! My closet is a disaster! I've been meaning to clean it out, but just waiting to move out of my apartment (if that time ever comes) to do so. Hmm perhaps I'll just keep digging until then! I always find it sooner or later! :) Grandma, I'm so grateful for you blogging participation! It is good to hear new things that are going on in your life! with love, Danielle