Holy Moly!


I have been on this computer longer than I should have been. My eyes are shot and my sit down is hurting! Just learning how to blog has worn me right out and I'm just getting started! Maybe I can think of something to say of importance tomorrow but as of now my brain has shut down. Please tell me this will get easier and easier. It's hard teaching an old dog new tricks. Have patience with me!
I'd make some comments to all of you but I think I've forgotten how , so just read my post.

Love, Mom, Grandma, Aunt Connie, etc


Jonna said...

Mom...I am so proud of you! You did it. I have been checking all day long, for your new post to arrive. Congratulations! See how good it would feel (DAD) if you left a few posts of your own! Tomorrow, I will check again. Thanks again for coming to the Temple Open house. It was very enjoyable having you here.
Love you, Jonna

Brandi said...

YEAH!!! I know that it is extremely frustrating at first, but It is so nice to connect with love ones on a different level! This way you can see what is going on in our lives, and we can see what is going on in your. I love to read my moms blog, because she has so much inspiration that no matter what I am feeling that day it touches my soul! I love you guys so much, and am so glad that we were able to see each other! I always leave being with you thinking of so many memories... you are wonderful and I love and appreciate everything you do. Thanks so much for doing this- it gives me something to look forward to on a daily basis.

The Carter Life said...

Wahoo Grandma!!!
You did it. I'm so proud! It's not that bad is it. It's quit fun huh. You'll get the hang of it and then you won't want to stop. Well it's two in the morning and Blake had to stay in Island Park tonight for work and I still haven't gone to bed because I hate going to bed without him but I think it's time to hit the sack.
Luv Ya Tons! Tell Grandpa Hello and Great Job Again! It was great seeing you guys for such a short time on Saturday! Hopefully we can see eachother sooner than later.

Chantri said...

Yeah! I love this! I have to tell ya that I had my blog account for 3 months before I even did anything with it because I spent the better part of a day trying to figure it out and thought FORGET IT...I'm not doing this!!! Then I got curious and tried again...It really gets easy!

I'll be checking back soon! I love you guys soo sooo much.

Chantri said...

Oh P.S.>>> I totally LOVE your thought!!! :) I only wish that I could get back in and STAY THERE!!! One of these days! :) For now I'll have to just be grumpy!!!